The Life Story of Siddhi T-125

Siddhi is a female tiger who was seen on 2 January 2019 She roams at Padam Lake, Raj-Bag, Malik Lake, and Mandoop area from zones no.3 and 4 part of her mother territory. Siddhi’s mother’s name is Arrow-Head aka T-84, the queen of Ranthambore National Park, Siddhi is the great-granddaughter of the Machali (T-16) who is also known as Lady of the Lake. 

Story of Siddhi T-125

Siddhi was courageous since childhood, Both Riddhi and Siddhi were Arrowhead’s daughters and lived with their mother in their childhood. She fought her mother Krishna several times with her sister T-124 aka Riddhi over her territory. After becoming a sub-adult, she has made her territory zones no.3 and 4 while her sister, Riddhi, is a well-known tigress in Ranthambore. Siddhi is equally bold and brave as Riddh when it comes to conquering anything she waits and fights tactfully Tiger Siddhi will get the title of the Queen who will get the best Tiger Habitat of Ranthambore. Siddhi is quiet but dangerous and will show her power by fighting fiercely alongside Riddhi.

Siddhi’s Hunting Experiences

She surprised everyone by swiftly catching a group of wild boars of wild boars. Her hunting skills showed how powerful and quick she was as a top-skilled hunter in the area.

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