Ustad (T-24): Famous Tiger of Ranthambore

The Fascinating story of Ustad (T-24).

Tiger Code


First Seen



1, 2, 6

Identification Sign

Double Hook on his Upper Right Forehead




17 years old



Ustad T-24


Ustad was born in 2005, his mother is Gayatri (T-22) and his father is Jhumroo T-20. Ustad ruled the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve for 9 years because he was a lovely and mighty tiger. He lived a very happy life with his partner Noor (T-39).

Ustad used to roam in his area without fear of other tigers but sometimes he used to fight with his real brother T-25 Dollar (also known as Zalim). The locals of Ranthambore named Ustad because once upon a time ustad was the rising star of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. He used to eat his prey on the highway of Ranthambore in public.

Wildlife lovers and photographers much loved Ustad as Ustad was a major attraction in Ranthambore National Park and like normal tigers Ustad never moved out of the way when he saw humans approaching he was a very brave tiger.

Ustad came into the limelight after 8 May 2015 because on 8 May 2015, an experienced forest guard Rampal Saini was made a victim by Ustad. Rampal Saini was a very brave forest guard, he lived fearlessly among the tigers but due to the changing ways of Ustad. His family claimed that they sometimes felt nervous and scared due to the behavior of Ustad T24 over the months.

This was not the first attack of Ustad, even before this Ustad had done many attacks, In July 2010, Ustad killed two villagers and in October 2012, Ustad was accused of murdering another forest guard.

On 28th May 2015, Jaipur High Court gave the final verdict that Bag T24 Ustad should be moved to Sajjangarh Zoo in Udaipur. But it was up to the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve authorities to take the final decision of the Jaipur High Court. Although the activists continued to fight the case legally, they did not get much success.

Ustad was shifted to Sajjangarh Biological Park, Udaipur. After all this recently on 28th December 2022 Ustad left us.

When was Ustad first seen?

Ustad (T-24) was first seen in 2005.

Who is the Mother of Ustad Tiger?

Gayatri (T-22), the tigress, is the Mother of Ustad (T-24).

What is Identification Sign of Ustad Tiger?

The Identification sign of Ustad is “Double Hook on his Upper Right Forehead”

When was Ustad Tiger died?

Ustad (T-24) died on 28 December 2022 at Sajjangarh Biological Park, Udaipur.