Sundari (T-17): Famous Tigress of Ranthambore

The Fascinating story of Sundari (T-17) daughter of Machali (T-16).

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5 years old



Sundari T-17


Sundari Tigress was the daughter of Machali (T-16) also known as (T-17), Sundari was a star attraction in Ranthambore National Park. Machali gave three cubs birth among them Sundari was always the most attractive and dominant tigress in Ranthambore National Park.

Just a year after her birth in 2007, Sundari decided to explore the independent territory independently, unlike her two sisters who decided to stay with their mother (Machali). In 2008, Sundari managed to find for herself a demarcated territory at the bottom of a fort in Ranthambore and Sundari used to stay there. In the summer of 2008, Sundari became a fully independent tigress.

Sundari’s fierce spirit and a strong desire to expand her territory led her to conflict with her mother (Machali). After some time she conquered the area located near the districts for herself. Sundari remains fiercely independent, a testament to her strength of character.

A forest guard named Shivraj had reported seeing Sundari in the Rajbagh area of Ranthambore National Park. On 24th January 2012, Sundari was having sexual intercourse with the T28 tiger. This affair lasted for about four days after which Sundari left him.

After April, Sundari was seen with three cubs by a tourist vehicle in Ranthambore on 28 June 2012. She was also seen with her three sires in the area of T28. A few days later she transferred her cubs to the area of T25 in the Kachida Valley area.

When was Sundari first seen?

The Beautiful tigress “Sundari” was first seen in 2006.

Who is the Mother of Sundari Tigress?

Machali (T-16), the tigress, is the Mother of Sundari (T-17).

Why was Sundari named?

Because the Sundari’s face was extremely beautiful face.

When was Sundari tigress died?

Between March and April of 2013.