Dollar (T-25): Famous Tiger of Ranthambore

The Fascinating story of Dollar (T-25).

Tiger Code


First Seen



Zone 4 and Zone 5

Identification Sign

Dollor sign on his body




13 years old



Dollar T 25


The character of the Dollar (T-25) was unique in Ranthambore National Park, The name Dollar was given by the villagers of Ranthambore because the dollar had a dollar sign on its body. The dollar once captured the hearts and imaginations of wildlife lovers around the world. The dollar, with its distinctive features and powerful presence, had become a symbol of the rich biodiversity and conservation efforts in India.

Dollar T25 is also known by other names like Zalim or Cruel because it was the most dangerous tiger in its area. Dollar was known to be unusually aggressive, both in terms of his territorial expansion and his temperament. He was often well-liked by tourists because whenever tourists came on safari, Dollar would growl at the sight of his vehicle and would bark at the tourists. used to instill fear inside.

The dollar is descended from the Queen tigress Machali T-16  of Ranthambore, Dollar’s father, and Ustad’s T-24 father is the same Jhumru T-20 but if we talk about their mother then Dollar’s mother is Lahpur-Nagdi tigress T-22 and Ustad’s mother’s name is Gayatri T-22 tigress.

Dollar once surprised everyone as he raised two mother cubs, who were orphaned in February 2011. Bina T5, the mother of those two female cubs, had intestinal disease and died. This act of Dollar represents kindness, Dollar kept those female cubs with him shared his food with them, and taught them how to hunt. Those two female cubs were named Bina T1 and Bina T2, And his mother’s name was Bina T5 who died due to intestinal disease.

Dollar left us in January 2020, presumably after getting involved in a territorial fight with 10-year-old male tiger T-66 who lived in the area with tigress T-54. The post-mortem revealed the presence of dog tracks along with crushed bones in his head.

When was Dollar first seen?

Dollar (T-25) was first seen in 2007.

Who is the Mother of Dollar Tiger?

Lahpur-Nagdi tigress (T-22) is the Mother of Dollar (T-25).

What is Identification Sign of Dollar Tiger?

The Identification sign of Dollar is “Dollar Sign on his body”

When was Dollar Tiger died?

Dollar (T-25) died in January 2020.