Ranthambore’s Tiger Terror: Was Ustad a Vicious Man-eater?

Ustad T-24 is a very famous name because it is the first Tiger of India whose case was fought in the Supreme Court. Many people leave their comments and say that the Ustad T24 was a very dangerous tiger but not so, it is a very straightforward tiger. 

Once upon a time, ustad had a thorn in its leg, and after it, the forest department, and removed the thorn and treated ustad. This tiger had become irritable since then. And then after this, many allegations were made against Tiger T24 that Ustad has taken the lives of many people. But out of these, only 4 lives were taken by Ustad, and another Tiger took the rest but his name was defamed due to which a case was filed against Ustad and this case was fought in the Supreme Court.

But these four attacks took place inside the Tiger Territory, hence it was human’s fault but no one was accepting this. To remove Ustad from Ranthambore, some people filed a case against Ustad and then Ustad was sent to Sajjangarh Biological Park, Udaipur.

Was Ustad a man-eater?

When Ustad had a thorn in his leg in his childhood, he was caught by the forest department and made unconscious by giving an injection for treatment. After that, a fear developed in Ustad’s mind that the humans were dangerous to him, and due to this, Ustad became aggressive. But actually, Ustad was not a man-eater.

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