The Life Story of Riddhi T 124 Tigress

Riddhi is a female tiger and was seen for the first time in 2019 in Zone 3 and Zone 4 of Ranthambore. Riddhi’s mother’s name is Machli, who is also known as Lady of the Lake. Riddhi’s mother’s name is Arrowhead, Riddhi is the great-granddaughter of the Machali (T-16) who is also known as Lady of the Lake.

Story of Riddhi T 124

Riddhi was courageous since childhood, Riddhi even got into trouble with her mother Arrowhead. Both Riddhi and Siddhi were Arrowhead’s daughters and lived with their mother in their childhood. When Riddhi grew up a little, she started living alone. Mostly Riddhi lived in Padam Lake, Raj Bagh, Malik Lake, Zone 3 and 4. And even today Riddhi will be found mostly in Zone 3 and 4 only.

Riddhi used to rule her area but sometimes Riddhi and Siddhi fought over this area and many times tourists visiting Ranthambore recorded their fight on camera. Both of them used to fight so seriously that both of them got badly hurt, once Riddhi and Siddhi were fighting, and in that fight, Riddhi got hit on her tongue. Riddhi got 14 stitches on its tongue.

Riddhi Killed a Tiger

Once the Riddhi killed a tiger in the Tamba Khan area which is in Ranthambore National Park. Some forest guards had seen Riddhi running after that tiger.

Riddhi Killed a Crocodile

Recently there was news that Riddhi had killed a crocodile. The incident was recorded by Ranthambore forest guards and tourists.
Tiger vs Crocodile: Witness the Epic Showdown in Ranthambore

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