Ranthambore National Park: Tiger Cub Joy & Sorrow

Ranthambore National Park remains a hub for interesting wildlife developments, with both positive and negative news in recent weeks.

Ranthambore Tigress Arrowhead welcomes the Cubs

The most pleasant news is the delivery of three gorgeous tiger babies for tigress Arrowhead (T-84). The Rajasthan Forest Department posted a video of the playful trio, which brought joy to wildlife aficionados. Park officials have boosted monitoring to protect the cubs’ safety during this critical period.

A Shadow Falls: Tigress and Cub Die

Unfortunately, Ranthambore also suffered the loss of a tigress (T-114) and her youngster. The reason for death is unknown. This incident underlines the issues that tiger kittens confront, with park managers concerned about death rates.

Booking System Updates

For anyone planning a visit, the park has updated its online booking system. The Tatkal quota for jeep safaris has been extended to accommodate additional people, providing welcome flexibility. Book Now Safari

Remembering the Legend

Finally, the park said goodbye to one of its oldest residents, T60, a female tigress. Her death leaves a gap while also serving as a reminder of Ranthambore’s critical role in tiger conservation.

Ranthambore National Park remains a living ecosystem with its own set of achievements and sorrows. As the park works to protect its tigers and other species, the most recent updates provide insight into the ongoing efforts to preserve this natural gem.

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