Bakaula is located in the vast wilderness of Ranthambore National Park and is well-known for its lush scenery, plethora of wildlife, and cool climate. Photographers and wildlife enthusiasts traveling to Ranthambore highly recommend visiting this densely forested area, which acts as a sanctuary for animal sightings.

A Haven from the Summer Heat

When compared to other parts of the park, Bakaula stands out for its dense tree cover, which creates a cool and inviting setting. Especially on vehicle safaris, this dense canopy provides relief from the intense summer heat by retaining moisture in the atmosphere.

Water Holes: A Wildlife Attraction

There are lots of little pools and water holes all across Bakaula. These essential water sources draw a wide variety of creatures, turning the area into a thriving hotspot for wildlife. This is what you may observe:

  • Tigers: Bakaula has a reputation for being a good place to see tigers, particularly in the summer when they come to the water holes to drink. Look out for tigresses who are cuddling their young—it will be an amazing sight.
  • A Menagerie of creatures: Numerous creatures, such as sloth bears, deer, leopards, and monkeys, find refuge in the thick forest.
  • Avian Symphony: The abundance of vegetation in Bakaula draws a diverse range of birds, whose melodic chirps and melodies fill the air.

Advice for Traveling to Bakaula

  • Ranthambore National Park offers vehicle safaris that take visitors to Bakaula.
  • For a better possibility of seeing tigers in the water holes, try going from April to June during the summer.
  • Bring binoculars to get a closer look at the wildlife.
  • When on safari, exercise patience and observation to increase the likelihood that you may see fascinating interactions with wildlife.